Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Canon T70 - B&W Photography

We just returned home from a week-long vacation in Tennessee. It had been three months since we had been able to choreograph time together with our friends, Matt and Jennifer, so I'm glad we were able to sneak away for this unofficial vacation. We had a wonderful time that went by too quickly as usual, and left us repeating our routine wish of: "if only we lived next door".

Hopefully our next visit will take place in a more timely fashion.

Here are a few shots from the trip, taken with a salvaged 35mm. Sadly, this was the first time I had had film developed since the 90's. You'd have thought it was the first real film that the clerk at the film processing counter had seen in her life.

Either way, I'm having a lot of fun with the camera and hope these scans do the prints justice. More to come as things, ya know, develop.


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