Sunday, August 28, 2011

A few updates.

I recently finished this portrait on commission. Due to the size of my scanner, I had to scan this in sections and then stitch together in photoshop.

11" x 14" - pencil on Rives BFK. 

Sparked by an upcoming local art event (helped run by my former/now and again employer), I've been back at the marker and pencil drawings. I hope to submit a few new pieces since I wasn't able to take part in the show last year. I had a drawing crash and burn yesterday, but there has been one survivor and potential show piece so far:

In other news, I recently had a nightmare experience with an out-of-state printmaker come to an end. Luckily, I found another company that has been nothing but a joy to work with so far, and I look forward to seeing a few artist's proofs from them soon. I'll be updating on that process along the way and hope to be offering giclee prints from my Etsy shop soon!

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