Monday, August 8, 2011

Road Trip!

Having scheduled a vacation with absolutely no plans in mind, the evening of July 30th found us packing up the car and taking off without any sort of reservations. Was it risky? Sure. Was it fun? Absolutely. 

Our first stop was Fairfax, VA. We were lucky to find a pretty nice hotel (in the dead of night) which was just a couple minutes drive from a DC metro station. We spent the following day touring museums/braving the heat. We ended the night with an awesome dinner at Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax.

Sunday morning took us to Chadd's Ford, PA, and the Brandywine River Museum. If you're ever in the area, do take the time to stop. The museum holds a wonderful collection of each of the Wyeth's work as well as pieces from other local artists. It was much bigger than I had expected and was nestled in a beautiful spot on the river.

That afternoon/evening we experienced the joy that is the New Jersey Turnpike. We stayed the night in Red Bank, NJ, woke, and hopped over to Kevin Smith's comic book shop/the Quick Stop over in Middletown, and then promptly fled the state. And by promptly, I should probably say slowly...with lots of tolls...and madmen drivers...and did you know you can't take a left anywhere in NJ?

We're just going to gloss over everything else and pretend that our experience there went by like this:

Random travel shots:

The rest of our trip was spent in the Boston/Salem Area, enjoying the amazing weather, locale, and veg*n eats.

 Initially we had planned to make overnight stops on our way back home, but by the time Thursday rolled around, we wanted to be back home with our furbabies and a weekend to recover before it was time to get back to the normal routine. A mere 16 hour drive later (I have the best travel companion I could possibly ask for, thankfully!), and we were back to point A. I don't know if sleep has ever felt that good. =)

So, that is our week-long journey in a nutshell. There were stressful moments along the way due to things like traffic, mastering foreign city's public transportation, the heat...Jersey...but overall, the pro's outweighed the con's. We accomplished what we set out to do and look forward to the next impromptu stint on the road.

I hope to have a few art pieces up in the coming week. Until then, best wishes!

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  1. Dreams do come true. But nothing guarantees them including: hope, belief, morality. Pray (or some such) for me.