Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“...It Will Grow Mosquitoes. I Still Like It…"

While sorting through boxes several months ago, I found a stockpile of old sketchbooks, college notebooks, and other odds and ends. Stashed amongst the mess was a written critique of a maquette I had turned out in one of my design classes. I don't remember the project/sculpture as one of my finer moments... 

…and it would have grown mosquitos if given the chance.

In the spirit of chances, it looks like I will be returning to school this summer to (finally) finish up my art degree. The opportunity arose from out of nowhere, and I find myself both excited and terrified. It's been nearly five years since I left school. My life is in a much better place than it was back then, thankfully, so I'm trying to stay optimistic. 


I'm back to experimenting with oils. Here are a few progress shots of what is currently on my easel.

I still have a long way to go on it, but I'm enjoying myself. I'll post additional updates as I have them.

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