Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oil Painting - Continued.

An update on the current painting. I finished up the grisaille layer sometime last week and began glazing today. I can't say that I'm incredibly pleased with my start today. After laying in my mix over the face, I felt like I could have gone heavier on the pigment. That said, I'm guessing that slow and steady build-up of color will most likely win the race. Had I started out with too much pigment, I might be stuck figuring out how to neutralize it.

Gamblin FastMatte Titanium White and Chromatic Black over the initial Raw Umber layer:

The first skin-tone glazing layer was a mix of Cadmium Red, English Red, Yellow Ochre, and Cadmium-Barium Yellow Medium. Once the area was covered, I went back in with Titanium White to pull out the underlying highlights. After a little drying time, I softened my edges with a soft, dry brush.

I'll go in and hit the areas I skipped over today once things have dried a bit (I had some bleed occur when two areas of wet glaze met). 

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